Hub City Serials

House of Oak – Red Star, White Sun

A terrifying phage has devastated the human race, consuming us from the inside out. One and half billion lives have been lost in two years and the plague continues unabated. Martial law has covered the globe, at least in those places that manage to still have government at all, Humanity lives in a state of siege.

With no cure in sight, governments meet emissaries of a sub-species of Humanity who call themselves the Vampyr. They are a collection of species who has lived in the shadow of mankind, which has bred true and hidden for millennia. They reveal themselves now only because they believe the human race is doomed and unless they help human scientists and doctors, both groups are imperiled. They have only recently revealed they feed on Humanity, some on the spiritual essence, others on the very flesh of mankind. If Humanity dies, so will they.

Can humans reconcile the idea that to save themselves, they will have to admit they are just a link in the food chain? The Church of the White Sun says it is better for humanity to become extinct than to work with monsters which feast on human flesh, and they are willing to kill anyone who will work with the Vampyr no matter what the cost… And one question still lingers above all others, where did this disease come from?

House of Oak – Red Star, White Sun: Part (1)Part (2)Part (3)Part (4)Part (5)Part (6)Part (7), Part (8), Part (9)

The Arrivals – Tales of a New Earth

An alien invasion of hostile and mobile plant-like organisms have begun terraforming the Earth. Humanity has been no match for them and is left running for its collective life. The plants and their attendant genetic constructs feed on humanity at will and scientists when there were scientists indicated the invasion would be complete in thirty years, with no way to reverse the damage. It took twenty years before mankind could even muster an effective defense.

A few remaining humans, some in government, some private citizens have decided to take the threat to the enemy in a last gasp at destroying it, others sense there is more happening that we are able to conceive of. An intrepid family who makes their living braving the wilds between cities has become a pawn in the struggle to understand or destroy the alien threat. Both groups are running out of time as the alien threat, still inscrutable, continues to transform the world in its own image. Can they work together to figure out what is happening or will humanity’s legacy be our inability to work together no matter what is at stake?

The Arrivals: Part (1)Part (2)Part (3)

Equinox – The Last Scion

A extraordinary young man is given a powerful weapon, tool, artifact, he isn’t sure which, by his dying father and told to keep out of sight. His only link to his past is his strange and unpleasant governess who also keeps his father’s secrets all too well. He learns violently of a world behind our own, where nothing is as it seems, creatures of myth and realms of magic flicker into and out of existence if you know where to look.

Unfortunately, the Equinox, that’s all he knows is its name, is wanted by everyone and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. It’s clear everyone is afraid of it, but no one is willing to reveal exactly what it is, or what it does. Somewhere along the line, he is told, his most powerful protector, the Earthforce Gaia itself, is dying and only he has the power to revive her.

Reviving Gaia will require the help of the Native American trickster-spirit Coyote and his younger brother/sister trickster spirit, Fox. Coyote and Fox are also on the run, with Fox hiding in the body of a young woman who doesn’t know the first thing about keeping a low profile. Together, they will embark on a journey that will change their young lives forever, if they can convince either of the spirits to assist them. Neither is known for being particularly helpful…

Equinox – The Last Scion: Part (1)Part (2)Part (3), Part (4), Part (5), Part (6), Part (7), Part (8)

The Aspect War

The Aspect of Death, one of the most powerful of the Primal forces of our world, has gone missing and has been succeeded by his far-less-powerful second, the enigmatic Director of Death, Incorporated. Without the Aspect of Death to defend his dominion, it may fall prey to more opportunistic Aspects. The last time this happened, the Black Plague was unleashed and set the Second Worlds afire with war…

Meanwhile, an army gathers at the borders of the Realms between Earth and Avalon, the Selig and Ur-Selig Courts have reluctantly joined forces in an effort to return to Earth. Banished by the Compact, a divine restriction created nearly fifteen hundred years ago that forced all the Cold Gods and their allies, the Selig Court, from the Realms of Man they have chaffed under this restriction. Under attack from a new enemy, they are forced to retreat to Earth as their Realms falls to an unstoppable force…

The Angels of the White Host, who have been content with the status quo for the last thousand years, have been preparing for the prophesized Last War of Revelations. They are massing their armies, secretly, awaiting the signs that would reveal the Beast, called the Whore of Babylon. But she had another name once, one that brought fear to all who heard it, and nearly destroyed the civilized world in her time. She was the Aspect of Destruction, Tiamat, imprisoned by the Babylonians five thousand years ago, whose chains were being broken by a supercomputer at MIT…

The Aspect War: ProloguePart (1)Part (2)Part (3)Part (4)Part (5), Part (6)


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