3 comments on “How can I get over the fact I am going to die?

  1. All things happen in due time, which none of us are in control of. Never heard of you before reading the article above.

    I will be sure to get to know your work as much as I can and tell others about your work.

  2. Nicely put – the concept of immortality becomes less attractive the more you think about it. I’m reminded of the Smallville episode with Cassandra (who sees the future) where Clark gets a vision of himself surrounded by an endless field of graves. There was also a pulp horror book by Shaun Hutson (I think) where a guy is made immortal & promptly buried because it looked like he died…terrifying.

  3. immortality is not for this life no matter what, we will meet what we sent ahead of us, only those who have gone before us know what the next life is about, it’s real and permanent.

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