4 comments on “Ecstasy as the Deepest Level of Aesthetic Purity: The 7 Levels of Aesthetic Subordination

  1. You know, I mentioned in a recent article that “emotional realism” as it has become the the norm in 70’s cinema up until the modern day with The Wire, The Shield, OZ, Walking Dead as etc has been mistaken for “realism” in general, and often pulls the tropes of melancholic PTSD heroes, dark and depressing tones and themes, when really it’s just one strand in an infinite variety of lenses through which to see the world, one point of view or set of tropes and techniques in comics, films, TV etc.
    “Emotional realism” or “realism” is nor more or less true than other style of fiction.
    Hell, most of what we call reality is a convenient fiction that bears little resemblance to truth.

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