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Clarion West Donation Write-a-thon

Since the Clarion West writing donation is going on, I have decided to see if I can get folk to donate to this worthy writing workshop. Now their website does not seem to offer good presentation, so I am mirroring my documents there over here. If you want to donate (and you do) you can go to this page and press the magical donate button. No, I am not getting a cut. This is strictly to help the world have more and better speculative fiction writers. We all want this. Unless you really liked Twilight…

Do your part and DONATE!

ScreenHunter_449 Jun. 29 00.33

I have completed my 90th day in a row writing something for one of my writing projects.

My major projects include: The Science Fiction and Fantasy StackExchange, a Q&A board I frequent making the world safe for science fiction and fantasy readers everywhere. I try to publish at least one answer/essay there every day. I have over seven hundred essays in two years, so I am pretty consistent.

I write science fiction and fantasy for sale and publication. I sold three pieces this month with one of them offering professional publication rates. My goal is to sell 12 this year and I put out at least one story a month to a variety of markets. Still waiting to hear back from June. No idea what I am going to present for July.

I maintain a science fiction and fantasy blog at Hub City Blues – I write short stories and serials there and experiment with a variety of types of fiction genres including pulp, speculative fiction, magical realism, horror, fantasy, sword and sorcery and space opera. No genre is too degenerate (except maybe Romance). I have over one hundred stories on this site.

I write social and political commentary on my other more radical blog, A Matter of Scale – You have been warned. I am liable to say anything there and some of it might not be politically-correct. Awesome, but not PC…

I also write for the Good Men Project – – when they are willing to support my work. They like me so they publish my essays. I like them so I try to keep them sort-of PC.

So my goal is to keep doing what I do. Putting out amazing stuff for whoever I can, on a daily basis.

My last week of work includes:

Road Trip – Or why demonic cars always end up on the scrap heap.

Rhapsody – Destroyed Earth + Alien rescuers + nostalgia = awesome musical jam session.

I Remember the Future on a Faraway Land – When men stride the stars as gods, will we remember what it was like to worship gods?

The Man of Steel Lament – The fanboys rage against the Man of Steel crying how it wasn’t their father’s Superman. My answer: Get over yourselves (but I say it in a really classy way).

In the Avengers movie what exactly was Loki’s plan for the Chitauri? – He’s Loki. What did you think he had in mind… –

I promise next week will be equally exciting. I may actually write something I want to sell too.

If you like my sites, my work, my stories, my nerve, my cat’s cybernetic implant, make sure you donate to Clarion West. One day I might want to come here and I would like them to remember me fondly. Nothing boosts memory like cash flow.

See ya around, Space Cowboy.

ScreenHunter_447 Jun. 25 19.50

My new novella: More next week…


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