Ronald T. Jones


Ronald T. Jones has been a science fiction writer and enthusiast since before the dawn of time. Born in Rochester NY, raised in Chicago, he is the author of three novels and a growing collection of short stories. He also writes articles on nonfiction topics of interest.


Chronicle of the Liberator, Hardcover, Paperback

ScreenHunter_450 Jun. 29 12.22

Warriors of the Four Worlds, Kindle Edition


Subject 82-42, Kindle Edition

ScreenHunter_451 Jun. 29 12.23

Anthologies and Magazines

The Shrine; Genesis Science Fiction Magazine

The Queen, the Demon and the Mercenary; Griots, Anthology 2012

Skyboat Strangers; Tales of the African Diaspora

Benjamin’s Freedom Magic; Steamfunk, Anthology, 2013

Outpost; Sci-Fi Talk’s Tales Of Time And Space

Articles – Black Science Fiction Society

The Future of Space Propulsion: Escaping a Dying Earth – Article Series; Science of Science Fiction

Let’s Terraform Mars – Article Series; Science of Science Fiction

Nanotechnology – Article Series; Science of Science Fiction

The Battle of Adowa -Article: Database of African Military History


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