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Clarion West Donation Write-a-thon Week 4

Welcome to Clarion West’s Week 4 of their Write-a-thon donation drive.

I am your host, Thaddeus Howze, and I am contributing my time and my craft for your enjoyment in the hopes you will donate to Clarion West. We were informed that everyone who is participating in Clarion West’s Write-a-thon has received a donation! That is an excellent statistic. I am happy to say I have also gotten a few donations and appreciate everyone who has contributed thus far. But we are not done yet. Two more weeks to go and if you want to contribute, I will continue my exploration into awesomeness.

Do your part and DONATE! 

Today’s exploration into awesomeness is being brought to you by Soylent Green products. It’s not just just people, it’s delicious!

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Still writing…

ScreenHunter_485 Jul. 20 21.06

I am on day 112 of my writing streak and still going though this week was tough, especially in light of the George Zimmerman verdict. I managed to keep myself somewhat on task but fell behind just a tiny bit. I missed a deadline but I plan to make it up next week. The screenshot is from my favorite distraction-free writing tool On to the articles for your enjoyment. A word of warning, this week was dark…

My last week of work includes:

Essays and analyses: 

Why did the Imperium lose all of its advanced technology – This was a Warhammer 40,000 week on the Scifi-StackExchange. If you are a lover of gothic science fiction, giant spaceships, superhuman soldiers, terrifying aliens, a fantastic history and a completely nihilistic worldview, then Warhammer 40,000’s Black Library is for you. Nowhere are the tales of the Imperium told so well. I have been both a gamer and a writer of the game material so I spent far too many years learning the lore. Look at that beastie. He and all of his friends are conquering our galaxy. Be afraid.


Tyranids have no god, would the Chaos Gods have any power over them? – question about my favorite galactic conquerors, the Tyranids, a scourge infesting the Milky Way galaxy of the Warhammer 40,ooo universe. Inhuman, psychically unassailable, unquenchable and unstoppable, the Tyranid Hive Mind look as if they will become the new rulers of our galaxy unless Humanity and its enemies start learning to work together…

What was the Precursor Invasion Plan? (spoilers for Pacific Rim) – So if you haven’t seen Pacific Rim yet and don’t want me to reveal what the hell is going on in the most awesome giant robot, giant monster, city destruction porn ever made… Don’t read this until after you come back from the movie…. My analysis might not be the right answer but having watched the movie twice, I am confident my answer is as good as anyone could come up with.


This week’s nonfiction essays:

Callsign: Hatred – An angry essay describing how I felt about the nature of the George Zimmerman trial and the nature of race relations in America. This was written before President Obama had anything to say regarding the verdict. (Not that what he had to say would have made me feel any better at the time.) Granted it may be hard to read but it is a rare view into my personal space. I am not often willing to share access to my personal space.

Dystopia or Utopia: What’s your poison? – There has been a clamor lately about the preponderance of dystopian novels, movies, books and short stories. Even famous writers are beginning to ask why are more optimistic views of the future showing up less and less. My essay addresses why it might be easier to write dystopias, and why only the bold attempt it.

This week’s fiction: (yes, only one. I am as sad about it as you, but the stress crimped my creativity, I’ll do better next week, I promise!)

An Uncivil War in America – a racially charged America not too unlike our own, tensions rise until a full fledged civil wear breaks out. No ranks, no militaries, no quarter asked nor given. This is a powder keg which has waited over five hundred years to explode; a chain reaction leading to words often spoken in fear becoming a final solution to the problem…

I am sorry to disappoint this week, my analytical mind was able to perform, but my creative mind seemed unable to pull it together. I hope as things in the nation settle down in the coming weeks, we can remember that we are all in this together.

Please don’t forget to donate to @ClarionWest. Have a great next week.



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