30 Cubed – May 2014


30 Cubed Challenge

30 Cubed – 30 stories, 30 days with 30 characters, no holds barred, 2014*

This contest only has two rules:

  • Any story you write has a minimum of 200 words. Yes, that would be flash fiction, but since it was allowed in the past, we will just run with it.
  • The second challenge is to have 30 stories at the end of the month. Some days will be harder to fill than others and that is okay. 

This is not meant to stress you, but to challenge your creativity, your willingness to go out on a limb with a story and trust to your ability to create. As far as characters are concerned, you can include a profile (a paragraph will do) at the end of the story discussing the protagonist (or antagonist, if they are more interesting).

There is no genre limit but I will be writing science fiction, fantasy and horror as my main genres. You write whatever is moving you, of course.

At the end of the month, if you are able to complete the challenge, we will have some badges for you to put on your site showing your participation in the event. Have fun!

If you are web savvy, you can place one of these markers at the end of your postings. I will make a few other themes when I get a moment. Click on the markers below to see compiled stories made by participants.


30 Cubed Facebook

written-for-30 (2) copy

*If you want me to link your work to this page when completed it has to be no more than “R” rated tales (no snuff, no slash, no gore porn, no extreme erotica/porn). The Hub is a family-friendly joint. But if you like that stuff, and this contest inspires you, then go for it. I may still READ it, even if I don’t link it.



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