Hub City Blues

Hub City Blues – The Future is… Unsustainable

A series of online adventures in the techno-futuristic Hub City. We will get to meet and greet Hub City’s Finest, look at how Hub City came to be, and see the seedy underside of a great idea whose time has come and maybe gone. Hub City is a city of the future, created with new sustainable technologies, revolutionary ideas, and sometimes old fashion, draconian government.

Adding insult to injury, criminal activity grows as the population swells mostly due to the less than hospitable conditions outside the city. This wave of new crime has spawned an invasion of the poor, disenfranchised, as well as the apex predators of the old world, mega-corporations who made Hub City existence a necessity for humanity in the first place. Hub City’s promising beginnings have been overrun and become instead, a hive of tech-saavy scum and villainy.

Hub City’s police force, locally called the Hub City Blues, have done their best to control this recent invasion of organized crime, but is unable to stem the tide. Now new forces are rising within the city, some sanctioned, others not, who have decided the last stand of humanity will not be cowering in the dark, but fighting for a better future. Welcome to Hub City. Obey the laws or someone is going to get hurt…

Check out some of the players of Hub City:

Dr. J. Eckyl a corporate mogul in an age that no longer wants them, and Ralos Franklin, an investigative journalist who knows too much star in Six.

Vincent Carluccidetective by day, monster by night, stars in Hyde, Portrait of a Modern Monster.

Gen Shishio, teenager, mystic, and unfortunate pawn in The Demon’s Chef.

Renegade angels and psychiatric patients, Derdekea and Guthriel star in The Host.

Tales of Hub City – series about Hub City, its history, its people, its secrets – Hub City Blues

What does the most intelligent mind on the planet do between baby-sitting humans and trying to save the world? – Walker, AI


3 comments on “Hub City Blues

    • Thank you, Cynthia. I endeavor to tell the kinds of stories I long to read. I am in the process of working on some novellas so I can keep funding my site and getting name out there on people’s electronic readers.

      My recommendation is to hang out here and read it here first! Tell your friends!

      • Dear Thaddeus Howze, how can I email you? I would like to invite you to write for a journal I edit. Please write me for more information—and thank you. CW

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