3 comments on “Review: Ultimates #1

  1. Actually, there is one thing about Ultimates #1 that I don’t like. I don’t like Blue Marvel.

    Not the character himself, actually; the way Marvel retconned him into existence as the Greatest Hero Of Them All in the 1960s… then everyone decided he was controversial because he was Black, and everyone just conveniently forgot this demigod was ever around, but now he’s back and everything’s cool and isn’t that keen?

    It’s always been my opinion that retcons suck hairy, smelly balls. I get that Marvel is big on building a larger audience, including more women and minorities, and the new Ultimates lineup–and Blue Marvel–is a way of doing that… but doing it in a way that insults our intelligence doesn’t earn them any points with me. I don’t hate Dr. Brashear, but I sure wish Marvel had found a better way to create him in the first place.

    • You aren’t the only one. I have shared my feelings on that retroactive legerdermain in a couple of other posts. Was that really the best they could do? I want this series to do well. I want to believe Marvel is acting in good faith but I’ve been tricked before.

  2. True that. And let’s face it, Marvel has proven… let’s say “clumsy”… with the way they’ve handled characters and teams before. The racial makeup of this team, for instance, seems like a very knee-jerk reaction to addressing old biases, without really thinking through the process. But some of that reaction may be just me overthinking it, so I won’t dwell.

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