Tales of Hub City

Hub City Blues

The Paranormal Investigative Detachment of the Hub City Police Department is tasked with investigating strange crimes which plague the twelve million inhabitants of the sprawling megalopolis called Hub City. The Hub City Blues are the last line of defense against an ever-encroaching tide of organized crime, paranormal, metahuman or extra-dimensional threats. Coordinated by David Carlucci, a special adjutant and former police officer, the Paranormal Investigative Detachment is the last line of defense when all other resources fall short. Welcome to Hub City. Obey the laws and enjoy your trip.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

HYDE: Portrait of a Modern Monster

A year ago, a serial killer unlike anything ever seen came to Hub City, and with a particularly heinous trademark evisceration, left a trail of bodies that horrified even the most hardened detectives. Then one day, the crime spree stopped. The only clue was a calling card marked Hyde. Now Hub City was under siege by a new monster seeking to establish order; his order. Universally feared, he is death incarnate. Bulletproof, monstrous, terrifying, criminals live in fear him, dirty cops want him dead. No one knows who he is or what he wants. All they know is this: if you are a criminal and he finds you, you better hope you find a cop whose not on the take, first. Otherwise, he will be painting a wall with your entrails. He is Hyde, the Portrait of a Modern Monster.

Part 1 & 2, Part 3, Part 4

The Host

Derdekea, a guardian of the hidden paths of Hub City. Last of her kind she stands guard over the gates of the Harrowing, a rip in the fabric of this world inhabited by vengeful spirits, demonic forces and things best not known by mortal man. Doorways to the Harrowing are everywhere but have recently centered on Hub City where the fabric between the worlds is now weakened. The Harrowing and those that inhabit it are drawn to despair, something in no short supply in Hub City. Derdekea has stood guard for over a century beating back the forces of darkness. Cut off from all of her kind and the Source of her powers, she only has the good people she has saved and the fragments of her power remaining to try and close the doors to the Harrowing. Armed with her fading supply of Words, the creatures have increased their assault and she doesn’t know why or how. All she can tell is the creatures leaving the Harrowing are getting stronger and more bold…


My name is James Eckyl VI. I am one of the richest men alive. I lead one of the world’s largest bio-pharmaceutical companies, handed down to me by my father, arguably one of the greatest scientists to have ever lived, after me. I have four brothers who are also captains of industry and like me live life to the fullest, savoring anything money can buy and many things it cannot. I live for the acquisition of power. So do they. As ruthless and powerful as I am, there are forces on Earth hidden from view, bent on controlling it all. I can’t allow that. World domination is, after all, a family occupation. My brothers believe themselves to be my betters. When they talk down to me, they call me Six. They will regret that.


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