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Clarion West Donation Write-a-thon Week 3

Welcome to Clarion West’s Week 3 of their Write-a-thon donation drive.

I am your host, Thaddeus Howze, and I am contributing my time and my craft for your enjoyment in the hopes you will donate to Clarion West.

This has been a busy week for me, but I am happy to be able to say I finally got a donation. Okay, so it was from me, but I feel the  best way to change the world is to be a good example. So I am hoping you will take a sign from me that I believe in me and my writing enough to donate to it. (No, don’t tell my wife I am spending her money, donating to Clarion to convince other people they should too…)

Do your part and DONATE! 

Yes, that picture of a cat is a member of the alien group compelling me to work for @ClarionWest. Look at that face. Does he look kind to you? For the love of all that’s holy, donate!


Now on to the show!

My writing streak continues…

Day 105

As part of my commitment to Clarion, I was going to write every day for the six weeks I wrote for them. Granted I had already been writing days before that but “In the Spirit of Awesome” I agreed to continue. I use (that is where the screenshot comes from) to keep me honest and on track. It is a great distraction free writing tool as well. A white page, a glass of wine and thee…

My last week of work includes:

Essays and analyses: 

Can Dr Manhattan Cease to Exist?  – – The Scifi-StackExchange where I engage in philosophical discussions about our science fiction and fantasy worlds asks a question about Alan Moore’s nearly all-powerful Doctor Manhattan. Can he die? Will he? Since I am one of the superhero authorities there, I was begged into coming up with an answer.

Are the Monsters (of Monster’s Inc) able to make doors that go to other worlds? – – Another ScifistackExchange article; initially, I laughed at the question but once I thought a bit more about the movies, I decided the world of Monster’s Inc is a bit more complicated than I originally thought. Yes, I loved the movies and would have gone even if I didn’t have my very own nine year old to bring with me…

digital5lateralizationThis week’s fiction: 

Starting something a little different, I have the seeds of a serial story in my head. I am going to pursue the first main arc, treating it like I would a comic-book series with a fixed number of chapters. If it gets a good response I may continue to play with it until it reaches a novella’s length.

Countdown at the Memory Palace: A government weapons program at the end of the Cold War has lead to illegal experimentation on members of the general public. A recent scandal has cause the government to have to shut down or destroy any less successful evidence of those projects. Only what happens when your projects don’t want to willingly participate in their termination for your greater good… #‎scifi‬ ‪#‎serial‬ ‪#‎YA‬ ‪#‎adventure‬

Countdown at the Memory Palace, Part 1 – – A young woman is the subject of a revolutionary surgery to remove half her brain to cure her epileptic condition. A doctor approaches the family and offers to pay for the medical and rehabilitative care if she would participate in a therapy which they said would cut her recovery time by fifty percent…

Countdown at the Memory Palace, Part 2 – Melissa and Jacob Ross go underground in Colorado, unfortunately for them, right in front of a local wildfire. A play is made for the device under the cover of the firestorm.

Countdown at the Memory Palace, Part 3 – Melissa and Jacob’s failed attempt at refuge at their family home in Colorado, reveals the true nature of the threat against them. Something more horrific than they ever imagined.

Not to worry, I have plenty more where this came from and we will be back on track for some of my earlier serials which need a little love too. My fans have decided to bombard me with requests for the serials they want to see back on track. Maybe next week, I will write a chapter for each of them to get reacquainted.

Hope you enjoy the reads, share the comments, promote the writing, save the whales and don’t forget to hug a tree and some plankton. It’s where we get our air.

Don’t forget to donate to @ClarionWest. Have a great next week. Here is your laugh for the week. Batman fans rejoice…

I am the night...

Sure you are, you cute little bat creature. You are the night… (so cute!!!)

Thaddeus Howze (Hub City Blues –


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