Thaddeus Howze


The Enemy (Literature Journal) – Late Radicalization – Genre: nonfiction, essay, commentary; September 2014

Sci-Fi Ideas – Nervous Stomach – Genre: science fiction; short story; October 2014

The Good Men Project –  Rap Video Shows Real Footage of What Happens When You Call the CopsGenre: news, commentary; August 2014

The Magill Review The Creator – Genre: fantasy; short story; August 2014

Sci-Fi Ideas – Rhodian World Wrecker – Genre: article, creature description; August 2014 

Au Courant Press JournalDamned Decent – Genre: fantasy, flash fiction, August 2014

Au Courant Press JournalNight Terrors and the Bears Who Abet Them – Genre: fantasy, flash fiction, August 2014 (pending release)

Genesis Science Fiction Looking Backward – Genre: science fiction, space opera; August 2014

Iron E-News – Steve Spielberg, Dinosaur Hunter – Genre: sci-fi humor; July 2014

Good Men ProjectHow to Hate Child Immigrants Without Even TryingGenre: Op-Ed; July 2014

FlashFlood – Betwixt – Genre: Fantasy; July 2014

Sci-Fi Ideas – Crystal Gods – Genre: science fiction; short story; June 2014

Sci-Fi Ideas – Yearning – Genre: science fiction; short story; May 2014

The Magill Review The Woman Who Fell in Love with a Postmodern Building and Set Her Lovers’ Boat on Fire – Genre: urban fantasy; short story; February 2014

Genesis Science Fiction The Creator – Genre: sci-fi, magical realism; January 2014

The Magill Review – Ten Days – Genre: urban fantasy; short story; November 2013

The Good Men Project – Guns Don’t Make Americans Violent, America Does; article (2013)

Astronaut.comWhat underlies the human fascination with extraterrestrial life? (2013)

The Good Men Project – Dark Harvest; – Genre: science fiction, short story (2012)

The Good Men Project – Drive Through; – Genre: science fiction, humor, short story (2012)

The Good Men Project – Black Men Left Out of Job Recovery; Genre: news, commentary (2012)


Books and Anthologies

The Future is Short II – “Never Late”- Genre: science fiction; short story; “Adleiavde”; Genre: fantasy; short story; Lillicat Publishers (June 11, 2015)


Visions II Moons of Saturn – “Starchild” – Genre: science fiction; Lillicat Publishers (Aug, 2015)

ScreenHunter_1453 Oct. 06 11.09

Visions of Leaving Earth“Enough” and “I Ride the Night”Genre: science fiction; Lillicat Publishers (Aug, 2014)


The Future is Short, Science Fiction in a Flash – “Unnatural Gas”- Genre: fantasy; short story; “Psychopomp”; Genre: science fiction; short story; Lillicat Publishers (June 29, 2014)


BSFS Genesis Anthology, Book II – “Hikaru Dorodongo” – Genre: fantasy; Digital Brothers Publishing; 2013


Broken Glass, Book One of the Eye of Knowledge Series – Genre: science fiction, fantasy; novella, Creative Enigma and Ebonstorm Media, 2013

Broken Glass

Mothership: Tales from afrofuturism and beyond – “Bludgeon”; Genre: science fiction; short story; Rosarium Publishing (July 1, 2013)


Hayward’s Reach – Genre: science fiction, fantasy; short story collection – Creative Enigma and Ebonstorm Media, 2011

haywards reach

Possibilities – Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy – ‘Ouroboros Rising’; science fiction, short story, anthology, 2012

Possibilities 4

Scraps – Genre: Flash Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy – ‘The Warden’; fantasy, short story, anthology, 2013, UK Market


Last Twenty-five new posts to Hub City Blues


Science/Environment Articles – No Blood for Water; water scarcity (2009)

A Matter of Scale – Forget About Saving the Planet…; electronic waste, recycling (2010)



Black Enterprise – Is the Cloud Reliable Enough to House Your Data; article, technology (2012)

EmpowerMe Magazine – Posterity: The Father of Reinvention, Part 1; article, autism (2012)

EmpowerMe Magazine – Posterity: The Father of Reinvention, Part 2; article, autism (2012)

EmpowerMe Magazine – Six Degrees and Twenty-Four Hours; article, diversity (2012)

EmpowerMe Magazine – Innovation: A Bridge to Somewhere; article (2012)


Guest Posts

30 Characters in 30 Days –A Veritable Feast; character design, science fiction, fantasy (2012)

PhutureNews: Science News of the Future – 2032 – Cancer cured?; futurism (2012)

Afrofuturist Visions – Radio Interview with Thaddeus Howze; afrofuturism, spec-fiction (2012)

SciFi & Fantasy Stackexchange – Rank #2, 750 articles; analysis, science fiction, fantasy (2011-2013)


Personal Blogs

Hub City Blues – Science fiction and fantasy short stories and serials

A Matter of Scale – Politics, science, technology and commentary – Gadgets, Software and Technology – News, short stories, Twitter compilations

Mediasphere Curation; science, technology, news and art

DeviantART – Art curation, science fiction and fantasy


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