Thaddeus Howze

Science fiction and fantasy writer, technology consultant, polymath, autistic, creator of worlds, iconoclast, humanist and occasional bastard (nobody’s perfect).

I am an iconoclast. If you have a sacred cow, I am likely to shoot at it. Not because I like sacred hamburger (don’t know, haven’t tried it yet) but because we live in a society that does not want us to think much. And that is what I do. A lot. All the time. I give up sleep in my quest for knowledge.

Having a career in information technology, I was considered one of the best in my field because I believe no problem goes unsolved with the proper application of logic, reason, and well-considered analysis. I am relentless.

Having worked in the information technology and communications industry in various sectors including banking, finance, science, advertising, print, and higher educational has given me the opportunity to see a wide array of how the business world works and give them the computing power they really need to do their jobs.

In recent years, my career has become one of a consultant and writer which gives me the opportunity to write journalistic reviews of the IT industry, political and social commentary on an array of subjects including autism, penal reform, education reform and further analysis on climate change (it ain’t a myth.)

Published  my first collection of short stories called Hayward’s Reach. Through the lens of science fiction and fantasy, I tackle my environmental concerns for the future of humanity. The tales vary from the comic to the tragic as it explores what it really means to be human.

Like so many science fiction writers I have had a diverse employment background. This works to my advantage as I get to write about experiences first hand. While I am not a health nut, I do believe we can be healthy and get old, the two are not mutually exclusive so I call myself a health enthusiast.

I am also a martial artist, having a black belt in Karate and still study Wing Chun and Northern Style Kung Fu. Once upon a time, I was in the military and consider it the best and worst experience of my life. So good, I can never forget any of it. So bad, I can never forget any of it.

I still ride a skateboard (and like it) have two Labradors and two-and-a-half cats. (Cat lovers understand.) I am focused on my family, understanding it is the most important set of relationships one can have, and in particular my son who has been diagnosed with autism. I have not thrown in the towel instead using every computerized tool, writing, artistic, training and martial skill I can bring to bear on the problem. And it is working. My son can talk, now. He can use numbers and is improving far beyond anything told to us by doctors. We will never give up on him.

Like the old Victorian authors, I do believe in Beauty, Truth and Love. They still matter.

Gotta run. There are sacred cows (and hamburgers) that need tending.

You can find my samples of my writing in a number of places:

Articles and Writing Credits
Twitter: @ebonstorm
Hub City Blues: WordPress – Hub City Blues
A Matter of Scale: WordPress – A Matter of Scale
Mediasphere Curation: Tumblr – The Mediasphere
Tales of the Twilight Continuum: Weebly – Tales of the Twilight Continuum
Hayward’s Reach, Tales of the Twilight Continuum and the Children of Earth.
A series of short stories told by the last survivor after an unseen cataclysm destroys the birthplace of Pan-Humanity and its attendant species.
Glendale Mokoto, as a Scout of the Corvan Empire has time on his hands and uses it to study temporal records in which the entire history of Old Earth is embedded.
In these tales Mokoto studies both the past and the future of Pan-Humanity, its allies and its enemies, and learns even in his current state of in-humanity, what it really means to be truly human.


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