5 comments on “Dead Already

  1. HA! Loved how you captured Samuel’s voice. One thing. Did Sam add an additional 6 months to the 6 months the guy already had?

  2. Excellent. Reminds me of my first film where a guy has a similar (but far less pleasant) conversation with Evil. No Ronald, Death just changed the outcome from now to the six months he’d been told by the Doctor. Funny thing though 6 months with terminal cancer the outcome is actually more like; 1-2 months active,1 month declining health, 1 month rapid deterioration and 2 months of agonizingly slow death. Great story as expected of the great Thaddeus Howze….

  3. Wow! I loved all of you taking the time to read and comment. It feels good to know you are out there. In September, you should expect a new crop of strange stories. Thank you!

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